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AND THEN (2021) - Co-writer, Producer

A queer travel romance film set in Tokyo about two restless artists who repeatedly run into one another in a sleepless city. “And Then” is a magical, soft, slow-burn, with a hopeful ending. Directed by Ravenna Tran. Winner of the Best Short Award in the Cinematic Tokyo Competition and Governor of Tokyo Award at Short Shorts Film Festival 2021, Narrative Short Audience Award at Outfest 2021, and Audience Choice Award at SAAFF 2021.


RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT (2020) - Writer, Producer

A man plays the game of his life against a monster who can only move when he is not looking at it. Directed by Joseph I. Martinez.

MR. HOLIDAY IS HERE (2019) - Writer

The Martinez Twins bring you virtual reality horror film ‘Mr. Holiday Is Here.’ Step into the shoes of Niles, a housekeeping robot with a glitch. Niles abets the Holiday family with all tasks big and small.










NEVER ALONE (2022) - Producer, AD

Directed by Ravenna Tran.












feature, horror, dark comedy

A video game streamer attempts to balance her love life and thriving career while being stalked by obsessed fans who will do anything to get close to her, but predators become prey when the stalkers discover she has a monstrous side to her online persona. FIND IT ON THE BLACKLIST.










hour long, drama, neo-western

A gold mining family struggles to get by in Nevada’s wild high desert, but when an estranged relative strikes big on someone else’s land, the whole clan comes together to secretly mine the claim and solve their financial woes. FIND IT ON THE BLACKLIST.













half hour, comedy, animation

The life of a licensed magical attorney is turned upside down as he navigates a bizarre world filled with genies, wizards, monsters, and other mythical beings in need of good representation. FIND IT ON COVERFLY (TOP 5% OF PROJECTS).





















feature, action, sci-fi

A notorious hacker uses a custom app to steal a ride in a rideshare automated vehicle, but the car turns out to be rigged with twisted ransomware that threatens to take her straight to the police and put her away for the rest of her life. The only way she can hack her way out in time is if she asks for help from some estranged friends -- and her ex.











half hour, horror comedy, adult animation

Super-powered, undead teens who were murdered by horror movie-style slashers, hunt down their killers to protect others from the same horrible fate. Everyone loves a final girl, but it’s time for the rest of the victims to save the day and finally get some sweet payback.



feature, horror, slasher, period

In the midst of a blinding snowstorm, a ragtag group of American soldiers retreat from one of World War II’s most brutal engagements and happen upon an abandoned estate in Northern France, where an inhuman, evil remnant of the first Great War still lurks and hungers for battle.



feature, horror, slasher

While on a backpacking trip through deep country, introverted medium Grace Porter and her friends stumble upon the disturbing remnants of a pain worshipping cult where a masked killer still hunts for victims.


hour long, drama, sci-fi

A deeply troubled yet highly skilled lucid dreamer is invited to work at a clandestine dream science lab on the other side of the world, but their work goes far beyond sleep studies and charts – he's unknowingly been recruited to fight in a war against literal nightmares that want nothing more than to invade our waking world and make it their own.


half hour, comedy, animation

Three hopeless, wannabe pirates and their foppish ninny of a captain long to be taken seriously in the Caribbean’s most notorious 17th-century port. They may not be bloodthirsty killers, but they'll learn that being a good pirate is about more than swashbuckling.


Podcasts & Web Series

DEADTIME STORIES, presented by Ranker - horror

A horror podcast with stories submitted by 'real' fans. Fact or fiction, we don’t know, but it will creep you the F out. Hosted by DeadHead, a likable skeleton with witty puns that won’t induce an eye roll.

THRESHOLD, a Dungeons & Dragons YouTube show

HOMECOMING (2015) - Producer, Player

HEROES OF THE FANGED COAST (2015) - Producer, Player

RELICS OF THE HOMELAND (2016) - Producer, Player

RETURN OF RASPER HAWKBORNE (2016) - Producer, Player

RETURN TO THE HOMELAND (2016) - Producer, Player

THRESHOLD (2016 - 2017) - Producer, Player

A THRESHOLD HALLOWEEN (2017) - Writer, Director, Producer



Written by Patrick Allan Laffoon. Art by Victoria Ying. Available to purchase on Gumroad.

APOCALYPSE RADIO - comedy, kids

Written by Patrick Allan Laffoon. Art by Victoria Ying. Available to read for free on Victoria Ying's website.

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